Vision & Mission

Feni Model High School

                                                                                      Vision Statement

The shared vision of the staff, students, and community of Valencia High School is that all students will be effective communicators, healthy individuals, complex thinkers, self-directed learners, community participants, effective technologists, and collaborative workers who strive to meet or exceed academic content standards. We believe in providing all individuals with equal opportunities to pursue excellence and to reach their maximum potential, while continuing on their path to lifelong learning. We are committed to providing all individuals with the tools to become competitive in a global economy, and to become concerned involved citizens in our democratic society.

Mission Statement:

The school’s mission is to give all students and staff members training and assistance to become effective users of ideas, information, and technology. Valencia High School provides instruction in the acquisition, evaluation and ethical use of information while encouraging a lifelong appreciation of reading and learning.

Character Traits

Showing self-respect, mutual respect, respect for differences, and respect for law, authority and property

Telling the truth, keeping promises, and being trustworthy

Being accountable for actions and accepting consequences

Maintaining consistent/persistent effort, working hard, persevering, being productive

Exhibiting self-control and non-violent/peaceful behavior, producing quality work, doing your best

Upholding domestic values, respecting law and authority, being patriotic, respecting individual rights, appreciating aspects of our United States heritage, having the courage to question laws, being an active participant in society

Showing empathy/sympathy, caring and doing for others, being a Good Samaritan

Practicing fairness, objectivity, and impartiality.

Being flexible, understanding, willing to compromise and to go the extra mile, being a team player

Being courteous and polite


Being a critical thinker, using prudence, being circumspect, and making wise choices

Putting others first, being modest

Standing up for your principles, acting with conviction and bravery, and being willing to stand alone.

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